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Meeting location

Kettle of Fish

59 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014


(Tour ends at Times Square. It's a little over two  miles of walking)




(2 person per tour minimum.)


2 hours




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New York City is the greatest city in the world because people from all over bring their culture to it. Immigrants from places like Ireland, China, Italy, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, and Mexico come here and fill the streets with their food, their music and their culture.  Some immigrants have come from Wisconsin and have made their impact known.

Forward in Manhattan - A Walking Tour of Manhattan By Wisconsinites, for Wisconsinites

On this tour we’ll talk about some of the former Wisconsinites who have done great things in New York City.

And we’ll also talk about other ways that New York City affected Wisconsin over the years. This tour is a celebration of both what Wisconsin has given to this city and what it has received. You’ll probably learn as much about Wisconsin as NYC but it’s just another way to talk about the city and connect what you know to what you don’t.


Come on this two hour tour and learn a bunch, drink a little and laugh a lot. There’s probably no other tour in NYC that celebrates a single state like this one… but there’s probably no other state that deserves as much discussion. It’s the best fun you’ll have since you closed Wolski’s.

People and Places You’ll Learn About Along the Way


  • The Bloody Mary Book

  • Echos of Madison’s Orton Park.

  • Cooper Union

  • Wisconsin’s role in the Civil War

  • The fight for a free Education
  • The Republican Party

  • Fighting Bob LaFollette’s Presidential Run in 1912

  • John Muir

  • Senator Gaylord Nelson

  • Orson Wells​

Meeting location

Freehand Lobby

23 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, NY 1001 





(Kids can come free.)


2 hours



3:30 pm

To make a reservation email adam@loudestyeller.com and tell him when you’d like to come on the tour.

This tour is offered the first three Saturday’s of the month. The guides are funny and full of great information. The tour takes around 2 hours and it’s an approximately 3 mile walk and goes out rain or shine. The tour ends at Washington Square Park but is also meant to be a prelude to any bicycle tours offered by Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours.

Two facts about New Yorkers: they walk a lot, and they speak their minds loudly. 

Be a part of New York while on this 2 hour walking tour where you will learn about the city’s most important cultural moments. The walk will take you through three of our most famous parks: Madison Square, Union Square and Washington Square Park. Along the way we will travel in the spirit of Revolutionary America, with the Labor struggles that improved working conditions in New York’s factories, Susan B. Anthony’s steadfast fight for Women’s Suffrage, the Stonewall Riots that led to legalized gay marriage, and the Conservation Movement that eventually created Earth Day. Each of these accomplishments came with a powerful story. There is no better introduction to New York City than through its progressive history.


If that weren’t enough you will also hear a lot about the neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, music venues and theaters you pass along the way. You’ll even be able to say, “I’M WALKIN’ OVA HERE!” as much as you’d like.


From a Revolution to Riots: The Progressive History of the Greatest City in the World

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