Brooklyn Tours


4.5 Hours 




(See calendar) for times or email to set it up.

Our Ultimate Brooklyn Tour size is a maximum of 6 people. Brooklyn is the largest borough of NYC with a population of 2.6 million people; which, would make Brooklyn the fourth largest city in America after New York, L.A. and Chicago. There is a lot to see and everything happens here. Lots of things are made here: movies, beer, chocolate, clothes, bicycles, furniture… you name it. We will ride through Brooklyn’s most interesting neighborhoods stopping for coffee, chocolate and beer along the way.​

Things you’ll see along our Ultimate Brooklyn Tour:

• Brooklyn’s old mafia Italian neighborhood • Williamsburg Neighborhood • McCarren Park • Greenpoint Neighborhood • Transmitter Park • STOP FOR BREAKFAST - Bakeri - a fantastic coffee and pastry shop. • Newtown Creek • McGorlick Park • Murals in Bushwick Neighborhood • CHOCOLATE TASTING: Fine and Raw Chocolate Factory • Quick beer and a snack at Roberta’s Pizza around the corner

Meeting location

Brooklyn, NY

141 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Adults - $120

Kids - $85

Ethnic Food Tour


Available upon request. If you like food you will love NYC. We have everything here. These tours are created based upon what kind of food you’d be interested in tasting and how long you’d like to ride. Here are some basic ideas: Brooklyn: Hasidic Jewish Pastrami eggrolls, Brazilian pao de queijo (cheese bread), Polish pierogies, old school Italian clams casino. Brooklyn & Manhattan: Hasidic Jewish food, Polish food, Chinatown food, Little Italy, and Korea town.​ We Supply the bikes.

Ultimate Brooklyn Tour

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