About Adam Benedetto

The owner of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours and most likely your guide for the day.


Adam is a native Wisconsinite who fell in love with bicycles while living in Madison. In 2004, he moved to Paris where he led tours for Fat Tire Bicycle Tours specializing in the history of Versailles. In 2007 he created “Shanghai Bicycle Tours”, which gave illegal history tours of Shanghai’s city center, and ran them for a year without attracting the attention of the Chinese government. Since returning to America in 2009 he has worked as the General Manager of Joseph Leonard - a highly regarded restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. In April of 2016 he opened Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours. The first guests on the tour were long time friends Haeky Park and Nosh Petigara. 


In his youth, Adam published two books of poems. At 26 he ran for Sheriff of Dane County. Once he was hired by John Nichols of The Nation Magazine to take Patti Smith to William S. Burroughs grave in St. Louis. But that’s another story you may hear along the tour. 

Loudest Yeller Bike Tours