About Adam Benedetto

The owner of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours and most likely your guide for the day.


Adam is a native Wisconsinite who fell in love with bicycles while living in Madison. In 2004, he moved to Paris where he led tours for Fat Tire Bicycle Tours specializing in the history of Versailles. In 2007 he created “Shanghai Bicycle Tours”, which gave illegal history tours of Shanghai’s city center, and ran them for a year without attracting the attention of the Chinese government. Since returning to America in 2009 he has worked as the General Manager of Joseph Leonard - a highly regarded restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. In April of 2016 he opened Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours. The first guests on the tour were long time friends Haeky Park and Nosh Petigara. 


In his youth, Adam published two books of poems. At 26 he ran for Sheriff of Dane County. Once he was hired by John Nichols of The Nation Magazine to take Patti Smith to William S. Burroughs grave in St. Louis. But that’s another story you may hear along the tour. 

It Could Only Have Been Adam Benedetto

by Christopher Berge for Adam’s birthday July, 2015


  1. It started with an original poem about a man who had feet that looked like deer skulls.
  2. Then came a phone call from a poet motorcycling West; looking for a job waiting tables at Restaurant Magnus. 
  3. Me waking my friend up on 9/11 and searching for a T.V. to watch.
  4. Having lunch with Ralph Nader, Billy Bragg and Naomi Klein
  5. My friend waiting on Antonin Scalia and passing a steak knife with great restraint over his right shoulder two months after he ratified the 2000 Bush Election.
  6. My friend standing on the bar of the Weary Traveler delivering his “victory” speech to a packed crowd, among them, Senator Russ Feingold, who later left with us chanting — “Feingold for President”
  7. My friend lending me Bohumil Hrabal’s novel, “I Served the King of England” 
  8. My friend and I hugging a drug addict named, Lance Armstrong, after getting him drunk on thousands of dollars of Spanish wine. 
  9. My friend and I in the golden age of Restaurant Magnus serving thousands of customers well. 
  10. My friend and John Nichols plotting the Media Reform Convention in the Magnus office.
  11. My friend campaigning for Sheriff of Dane County on a bicycle in the Allied Drive Neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin.
  12. My pickup truck had a “Benedetto for Sheriff” on the tailgate for months after
  13. Me reading my friend’s book titled, How to date a Sorority Girl on a Shoe String Budget in it’s first draft.
  14. Watching our girlfriends learn their limits on the 100 Mile Memorial Day Death Ride going North in Wisconsin on the Lodi - Springfield Road. 
  15. My friend riding a pink girls Huffy 10 speed with a New York Chain Lock around his waist and a sombrero for 100 miles.
  16. My friend eating a 40 oz steak the day of our 5K running race to Picnic Point. 
  17. Biking with Nate to Stoughton and riding each other into the ground.
  18. Biking through Waunakee on a cold day with snow flurries and stopping with my friend to warm up in a commercial tanning bed. 
  19. A 2AM bike ride around Lake Monona naked with a few friends.
  20. My friend dressed in a chicken suit and campaigning for Ralph Nader saying “Bush and Gore what are you afraid of? Debate Nader.”
  21. My friend successfully telling me the never ending joke about a beautiful red 2 by 4. 
  22. Bloody Mary’s and our Hungarian friend, Csaba Cseleny, telling one story for 16 hours.
  23. Meeting up with my friend at the Dakar airport with two Senegalese teenagers and going to see Congo play Senegal at the national football stadium before going to see the Dakar-Paris Off Road Race with press passes.
  24. Wearing clothes washed by hand in the dirt courtyard of Mamadu Makalu in Misara Tambacounda. 
  25. Hitchhiking across Senegal into Mali and having to sleep in the dirt, on the side of the road, for fear of bandits from Congo hijacking cars. Hearing my friend snore as a pack of wild dogs rutted through our campsite for bits of goat flesh.
  26. Wading across the Niger river in our underwear with our packs on our backs.
  27. Saving a Dogon guide named Simon Sai when a goat headed woman sat on his chest in a dream. 
  28. Watching an African Medicine man adjust Simon’s heart by candle light by reaching up under his ribs.
  29. My friend drinking white gas (thinking it was water) while painting a map of the world on an elementary school. 
  30. My friend coaxing a Corsican bartender to show us the gun she had in a drawer of the bar. 
  31. Throwing wine bottles at the moon from the Corsian Ferry and watching them splash into the Mediterranean
  32. My friend and I buying custom made white 3-piece suits from a talented Moroccan tailor. 
  33. Skiing and snowboarding in Morocco, Romania and, memorably, Bulgaria - where we ate superb sausages and missed the last gondola. 
  34. My friend showing me the block house located in the gypsy district of Sofia he used to live on in Pernick Street.
  35. My friend unloading a 40 foot container of furniture I bought in India and complaining he was covered in vegetarian dust—which was really poop dust.
  36. Two tours with my friend in Versailles and him saying, “I was a photo major for one semester in college” at Marie Antoinette’s hameau.
  37. Nearly getting kicked out of the Hall of Mirrors during the Jeff Koons show for showing too much enthusiasm over the art.
  38. Sleeping in our friend Toune’s living room in the Belleville section of Paris with a Garfield blanket.
  39. Staying in my friend’s apartment off of Rue St. Denis before going on a bike tour. 
  40. Wildly biking the streets of Madison, Paris, and New York, while eating and drinking and singing and dancing and eating and engaging life with rapture and loving things and people like we were the very last one’s on Earth.That’s my old friend Adam Benedetto!




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